We always search for the best products and quote with various industries, aiming better prices and certifying suppliers.


Over Head Asia is internationally renowned for its inspection services that cover all supply chain. Our offices have local controllers, suitably qualified in inspection techniques. Inspection services, usually done by sampling and following world recognized standards, evaluate and test products as its general aspects.

Over Head Asia is enabled to perform tests following international patterns, ensuring safety in products acquisition. Besides lab tests, Over Head Asia still can execute Dimensional Inspections, Visual Inspections, Try Out Tests, Go/No Go Tests and Hardness Tests.



Factory auditing in Asia has the purpose to assure to our client that the given supplier has all technical and financial conditions to perform the services within the needed conditions.

Among the topics analyzed during supplier auditing are the Companies Legal Personality verification, Industrial Process verification, minimum and maximum capacity, lab test analysis during the entire productive process, manufacturing process material input analysis, other countries sales history and expedition verification to check finished products packaging.

Over Head Asia is present in the identification, gathering and interpretation of or clients needs, during all stages of your business cycle.



To start a internationalization process it is crucial to conduct researches and prospection. From this point on we can map specific information for the strategy development, searching for the best markets, saving time and money.

We know that during Asia importing process there will be situations that the entrepreneur is already specialized in the product that he wishes to import, and others which the product will be developed from zero.

Over Head Asia is ready to work in all business fronts, having branches in Brazil and China, ready to support each step in any import stage that you might be. We can help you to import successfully.



It is the ideal process to develop small and complex geometrical parts, with no restriction to production volumes and with considerable costs reduction.


MIM is very similar to plastic injection molding under high pressure and can be used to manufacture the same configuration shapes and characteristics. This are just a few applications of MIM.


4. More consistent micro structure and higher mechanical properties.

5. High efficiency and economic solution for elevated volume mass production.


6. Processamento extensivo para muitos materiais.


Vantagem da modelagem por injeção (MIM) do metal: 
1. Tailor made pieces for small manufacturing (0.1 – 200g) with complex geometrical shapes.


2. A tolerância das peças  +-0.1~0.5%, superfície glabrous, até Ra3.2.
3. Pieces made trough Metal Injection Molding (MIM) have high relative density (95%-99%)

In our products portfolio there still are tubes, connections and valves, various hoses, chemical products, PVC/WPC window frames, lightning, automation, various metal hardware, automotive parts, agriculture implements, agroindustry parts, metallurgic machines and equipments, electrical equipments, welding wire, engines, generators and fertilizers.