Business Mission is an event where a group of entrepreneurs, supported by Over Head Asia, organizes itself to go on a business trip to others countries, under its articulation and coordination.


China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, happened for the first time in 1957 and repeats itself every year during spring and autumn for the last 56 years, being in the moment the biggest and with the best operations result commercial fair in China.


Hong Kong Electronics Fair is a magnificent event for electronics professionals and at the same time a strong attraction centre for companies and visitors.

Segments: eletronic products, audio and video, communication and multimedia, electronic components, assembling, production and technique.


International Commodities Fair from Yiwu, or just China Yiwu Fair, is considered to be the third biggest consumer goods fair from China, being preceded only by Canton Fair and China Oriental Fair, the last one with a strong regional presence. The event, that takes place annually in October, is considered a great opportunity for international negotiations and to access China market, taking in consideration its privileged location and its symbiosis relation with the known International Commerce City of Yiwu.

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